TRYOUTS START JUNE 22, 2020 – 2:30pm for freshmen AND 3pm for upperclassmen. They will end at 5pm

Physicals are expected to be done BEFORE you come to the in person tryout. If you started the paperwork process, you will be waived as long as you have an appointment.

We had a few volleyball girls email me regarding their clearance. There’s a lot of them who did fill it out online but they didn’t attach their physical. Please remember remind that you need to upload it. It’s all done online.

Also some athletes seem to be confused that the school gives them a physical. The school doesn’t , the doctor does. You can upload the sheet that the doctor gives you. You don’t need the school to give them any paper, there is just an example of one on the website you can take to the doctor. The video on athletic clearance pretty much explains it really well, but the information is referenced above.

Here is a link for doctors that can get you a physical. Some are offering telemedicine possibilities

If you need a ball, make sure to reach out to Coach Dee,