We will be having our Zoom meetings every weekday starting May 26, 2020. The Zoom meeting link will be sent via email OR in slack.

  • Monday: Workout
  • Tuesday : Team Meeting/Volleyball learning
  • Wednesday : Workout
  • Thursday: Team Meeting/ Volleyball learning
  • Friday: Workout OR Team meeting

There will be quizzes and attendance taken. You will be given an opportunity to sign up for an account on May 25, 2020. It will be posted in slack. Please sign up

Times: Monday at 3pm, Tuesday at 3pm, Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 3pm, and Friday at 3pm

Physicals are expected to be done BEFORE you come to the in person tryout, which will only last one or two days.

We had a few volleyball girls email me regarding their clearance. There’s a lot of them who did fill it out online but they didn’t attach their physical. Please remember remind that you need to upload it. It’s all done online.

Also some athletes seem to be confused that the school gives them a physical. The school doesn’t , the doctor does. You can upload the sheet that the doctor gives you. You don’t need the school to give them any paper, there is just an example of one on the website you can take to the doctor. The video on athletic clearance pretty much explains it really well, but the information is referenced above.

Here is a link for doctors that can get you a physical. Some are offering telemedicine possibilities

If you need a ball, make sure to reach out to Coach Dee, dsunte@gmail.com

You must take part in these Zooms, or you are at risk of not making the team. If you are not going to make because of family or other things, then let the coaches know

Fundraiser Challenge

Here is the challenge and seniors CAN be in it

They will post a video clip of the challenge with a brief explanation by 8am everyday on  volleyball Instagram page @sossandsvball

•To earn participation points, each player will video themselves doing the challenge and hashtag it to #sossandsvball before 10pm the same day. 

•Tie breaker: As we do in drills, there will be random bonus points awarded to those who “like” the daily clip posted. (for example, it might be the first ten to “like” the post one day, and numbers 3, 22, 28 & 56 another) These points will be kept separately and used in event of a tie.

They will announce “the how” to earn these bonus points daily along with the morning post. 

•To ensure your program receives the appropriate number of points, it is vital that when each player submits their individual video clip, that he/she 
includes his/her SCHOOL name, and BOYS or GIRLS team.

•Each player may only submit one video per day Have Fun!!!

If you have a private page, then please submit videos to Coach Dee either on slack or email to dsunte@gmail.com and I will post on patriots Instagram page @PatriotVBL